Monday, July 9, 2007


Our favorite waitress in a "special pose."

Two or three times a week my husband and I have the great pleasure of having breakfast together at our local spot, Cindy's Pancakes also known as Pancakes Plus.

We love the people who come there daily: they are the locals, the workers, the older couples, and the men who make it a habit and especially like to sit at the counter, read their paper, and drink their coffee.

The help are all well-connected and most have worked there for years. They have learned to work as a unit. They help each other to make the tasks flow. They can fill in and substitute to do all of the jobs. They have forged life-long friendships working together.

They get to know all their customers very well. They observe their comings and goings, and miss them when they haven't been there as usual. They chat about all these things with their patrons, the ones who want to chat.

I love the place and the people.

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